Editing your photographic book / project - one day workshop - multiple dates

Course Overview

In this one day workshop international artist Darryl Georgiou, picture editor and Director of Ten.8 Photo-paperback and MA Design and Visual Arts Programme Leader (Coventry School of Art & Design, UK) will help you develop your photographs into a cogent and meaningful work.

Previous workshops have looked at 'making' work - this workshop focuses on how to edit and make a compelling narrative / sequence and meaning to your work.

Whenever you choose to display more than one photograph together you are confronted with the issue of sequencing. We as photographers are often too close to our own photographs. We imbue them with the memories that we had when we took them and as such sometimes add images to our sequences that are meaningful to ourselves but do not inform our audiences or convey meaning in an articulate way..

Having the ‘objective’ eye of an external editor is of great importance in the development of any photographic work.

If we consider a photographic sequence to be a sentence and each photograph a word within that sentence then the placement of the wrong photograph - in the wrong order - will seriously hinder and inhibit your ability to communicate the meaning within your photographs to your audience.

Photographs are communicators of meaning - in this light, editing, and our ability to get the sequence in the correct order so that the messages within our works are communicated and understood – is perhaps the most important stage in developing a photographic project.

This workshop will give you the skills to identify the themes and patterns within your work and to use juxtapositions as a way to drive narrative

Summary of activities

“Editing your photographic work”

  • The workshop will involve both tutor-led and group participation.
  • In a group setting examples of attendees work in progress will be discussed to the group (preferably as work prints or photocopies)
  • Due to time constraints on the day not all attendees will make personal presentations of their photographic works in progress but a cross section of the work on the day will be used in the presentation of publication possibilities.
  • Issues taught on the day include identifying and creating patterns within your work.
  • Sequencing, layout, presentational format choices, implications of size

What you will learn

Workshop participants will gain:

  • An awareness of a range of picture editing strategies and techniques and the ways in which sequential development can be used to control the release of information to the viewer but also to control the mood, drama and pacing of their work.
  • An understanding of how to skilfully and confidently find patterns, associations and themes within their works - that will lead to controlling the feelings within the viewer - but also how issues such as sizing, and juxtaposition are important factors.
  • An introduction to a range of exhibiting formats and discussion of the pros and cons of each.

About your Instructor/collaborator:

Darryl Georgiou is an interdisciplinary artist, exhibiting internationally and working across a range of media. His artwork is held in both national and international collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, Athens/New York.

He is currently a Principal Lecturer at Coventry University and course Leader of the MA International Contemporary Arts course. He has extensive experience as an image maker, picture editor, designer and postgraduate educator. He has also photographed and designed the covers of a number of best selling novels in the US (including Brick Lane by Monica Ali) and co-edited award winning books with photographers in the UK and Europe such as Nancy Honey and John Holden amongst others. He was recently artist in residence at the FutureLab, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.


To get the best from this workshop it is expected that you have already begun to produce a photographic project and are able to bring in a series of related images that explore a theme, issue or related topic.

You are expected to bring these photographs in on the day.


This workshop is open to participants 16 and above


Maximum number of participants is 15

Prior Experience

Whilst this workshop is open to all level of learners it is expected that you have experience of photography and have already conceived, planned, developed and commenced on producing a photographic project and have photographs to show, sequence and discuss with others on the day.


Work prints or photocopies are the best format to present your work on the day as this is the easiest format to re-sequence. If you are presenting your work electronically you must bring your own Ipads and laptops etc

Projection facilities are available for mac and pc laptops but not ipads


Email: info@some-cities.org.uk

Andrew: 07790 962 689 Dan: 07779159217

Concessions / Discounts

Discounts are available to the unwaged, students and OAP's - proof is required of your status at the first session. Please get in touch for the discount code.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, either in printed form or downloaded to a mobile device.


Please note: this course takes place in an upstairs room accessed via a staircase

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Editing your photographic work:


1 week - 5 hour session 10am – 3pm


August 8th, 2017